Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kindle to the rescue.

So, the other day at work I was talking to my program boss about a cool camera that I had read about in the latest Technology Review that I thought might be useful for our project. I told him I would send him a link. Back at my desk I dug the email out of my sent folder and prepared to forward it to him. But first I checked the link. It didn't work. I tried searching the Technology Review web site. No luck. But wait! I have the issue in question on my Kindle. I pulled out my Kindle, opened up the magazine, and went right to the section in question using the section list. Voila! The short article had a link to the producer of the camera, which I sent to my boss (after checking it first). Success.

Now, I know that in my previous post I had said I didn't like reading magazines on the Kindle, but after further experimentation I find that I prefer the Kindle despite the limitations. For one thing, I like the e-ink, it's easy to read. But I also like the size of the Kindle. I like not holding the magazine open. I like the fact that you don't get uneven lighting on the page or reflected glare from the paper. And I love the fact that I can carry a veritable library in my hand.

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